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Studio 2

Control Room
Studio B

Studio B is our mix, Overdub and programming room, with a vocal booth that provides great sounding results, whether you're tracking / re-amping guitars, or recording vocals. It comes fully equipped with Focal Twins, NS10's Autrone 5c cubes and a PURE Evoke DAB radio (for reference). The studio features amazing hardware synths such as the Juno-106, DX-7, Moog Sub Phatty, ARP Odyssey, & ARP 2600. These are connected as such, that you can send pre-recorded midi out into them and record it back in and are patched in at all times through a patchy with a REV7 reverb and TC delay.  We also have a mountain of pedals which are easily inserted also through the patchbay. The audio interface is a Universal Audio Apollo with quad core processing, and an additional quad core satellite. With this interface you can record latency-free through Universal's famous plugins, giving you access to Neve preamps, API, and almost the entire UAD collection.

Equipment Spec
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